Actuation accessories

Valve-Tork can supply a range of actuator accessories, such as position feedback monitors, switch boxes, solenoid valves, air preparation equipment, fittings and tubing on a quick delivery basis.

Solenoid Valves

Valve-Tork also offers a full range of Norgren NAMUR or Inline Solenoid valves, from basic duty to high specification, and all ATEX or Hazardous Area Requirements.

The Herion 97300 Series is for single and double operated actuators. Featuring a compact design, 3/2 or 5/2 way function, crossover-free switching, and manual override with detent, these solenoid valves are applicable in the protection class EEx m and EEx ia, for zones 1, 2 (gases) ATEX cat.II 2 G, EEx nA, for zones 2 (gases), 22 (dust) ATEX cat.II 3 GD. The Herion 97100 Series offers similar qualities, yet with the added benefits of exhaust air recirculation and monostable design.

Redundant Valve Manifold Systems

The Herion Redundant Valve Manifold System is ideal for high-spec and chemical applications where safety is critical. Valve-Tork offers a redundant valve manifold system that takes care of all valve and actuator control, as well as being robust, simple to read and easy to service.

Compressed Air Preparation Systems

Pneumatic actuators require compressed air for their safe and efficient operation. Valve-Tork can provide a full compressed air preparation system with combined Filter/Regulators, Lubricators; soft start valves; 3/2 shut off valves; and a full accessories package that includes silencers, fittings and tubing.


Valve-Tork can also supply a wide range of Norgren fittings, including composite, nickel plated brass, push in, compression, stainless steel, miniature and more.