Actuated Valve Packages

Valve-Tork™ is changing the face of actuation by providing a one stop shop for all your actuation needs. With more than 30 years of experience in the process industry, our technical expertise enables us to handle all your actuator sizing, fitting and calibration requirements.  All of our high quality actuator and valve products are available on a next day delivery basis and can be mixed and matched to provide you with a bespoke solution.

In House Assembly & Testing

Valve-Tork™ takes away the hassle of assembling and testing your desired actuation package. Our experts will match your actuator with the best valve, determine the correct fittings and connections, and oversee all the necessary calibration and certification required.

Our own Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators

Our own range of Valve-Tork™ Pneumatic Actuators feature an innovative and compact rack and pinion design and all the critical components are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machines, following ISO quality assurance standards.

With torque figures in ranges 9 to 3500 Nm, these actuators are ideally suited to operate part-turn valves such as plug, ball and butterfly valves.

Our Actuator & Valve Brands

Valve-Tork™ also supplies high quality Pneumatic Actuators from Proval and Air Torque, as well as Electric Actuators from Proval. Complementing our actuator range is our stock of Butterfly Valves, from Valve-Tork™, ABO and Bray; Ball Valves from Proval, Starline and Pekos; and Knife Gate Valves from Valve-Tork™ and ABO.

We also supply a range of actuator accessories, such as position feedback monitors, switch boxes, solenoid valves, air preparation equipment, fittings and tubing.