Valve-tork Butterfly valves

Valve-Tork™ Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are one of the most in-demand flow control elements in industrial and domestic flow control applications, due to their light weight, low pressure loss, 100% leak free operation, easy and economic automation capabilities. Valve-Tork™ offer the V101 (Wafer) and V102 (Lug) Series butterfly valves, featuring a two piece shaft construction disc that provides higher flow rates and lower pressure loss in the pipeline.

  • O-ring ensures 100% leak-free operation.
  • Easy removable lower cap.
  • According to ISO 5211 direct mount ISO pad.
  • Upper stem bushing.
  • EN 1092 PN10, PN16 ANSI 125/150 and BS10 Table-D, Table-E suitable flange holes.
  • Wide range of seat solutions.
  • Four flange locating holes for easy alignment.
  • Two piece shaft construction disc.
  • Flow indication marked, ISO standard valve rotating shaft.
  • Easy removable, anti-blow-out plate.
  • Tag valve with all valve material and usage data including valve serial number.
  • Long neck for easy installation.
  • PTFE / Bronzee bushing provides low torque and longer seat.
  • Integral o-ring system on seat avoids leakage from stem.