Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators convert energy (typically in the form of compressed air) into mechanical motion, which can be rotary or linear, depending on the type of actuator. They take fluid, electric, or some other source of power, and convert it through a motor, piston or other device to perform.

Basic versions move valves to either fully opened or fully closed positions, whereas actuators for control or position regulating valves are given a positioning signal to move to any intermediate position with a high degree of accuracy.

Our actuators

Valve-Tork proudly stock our own bespoke range of Pneumatic Actuators, as well as high performance pneumatic actuators from Proval and Air Torque.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact rack & pinion design.
  • Double or single acting.
  • Low & high temperature constructions.
  • Fast acting actuators.
  • A range of coatings for aggressive environments
  • Torque 6Nm – 10,000Nm